Road Trip 101

Road Trip 101

With the Pandemic coming to a hopeful end, one of the safest ways to travel these days is by car. Let Fior inspire some of your road trip getaway tips.

1.) Research Your Location

Create an itinerary that is more than detailed, just incase you change your plans. This allows you to have a backup plan, as well as options once you arrive to your destination.

2.) Pack Like a Pro

When roadtripping, you do not want to overpack. Pack light when it comes to cosmetics and jewelry. In this case, bringing less is more. If you forget something, the art of roadtripping is that you can go pick up what you need.

3.) Plan Multiple Locations

Plan to stop at another city along the way to take full advantage of all of your time. You never know what you may come with that’s off the grid.

4.) Live In the Moment

Take advantage of your road trip. Whether you plan on documenting your trip, or simplying being still–take time to journal, or at least reflect on your time.

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