Jessica’s Favorite: Anti-Aging Products

Jessica’s Favorite: Anti-Aging Products

It’s never too early to age elegantly.

I started my skincare routine at 13. Yes, you read that correctly. The Millennium had just begun, and it was imperative in my teenage mind to dabble into all things beauty. I was fascinated with Y2K fashion and beauty products, and to be honest–I still am. Sigh, those were the days. My first ever skincare products was the Clinique, Three Step System–which is still a hot seller today. To my surprise, these products look exactly the same as they did in 2000. This was a great, gentle way of getting introduced to a real skincare system.

In 2002, I discovered facial yoga–a technique used to stretch the muscles in your face, and retain your elasticity. Yes, I was only 14. I would say that eventhough skincare products are essential to your routine; facial yoga is what has kept my skin tight for the past twenty years. By 2003, I was in high school. I really took it to another level then. Facials were a bi-montly routine, and I started using products such as Yonka, Sothy’s, Pevonia, and Borghese–the good stuff. I haven’t looked back since.

Now, at 33, my skincare regimen is extremely calculating, and outside of the box. I have tried just about every product there is, so at this decade, I know exactly what works for me. For one, stem cell technology, as well as fermented products are very imporant in my regimen. I discovered my love for these types of skincare in my twenties. I also use a lot of Korean skincare, as well as others–however, Korean products really add that punch to my skincare results. Believe me, they truly up the ante. So what’s my regimen? Double cleansing is a daily deal, exfoliating happens throughout the week, and using toners, acids, and oils are the tricks to my results. Masks are used weekly, and facial technology has been incorporated in my routine since 2009. After twenty years, I still rely on facial yoga throughout the week, especially when putting on my oils, and essences. You really have to massage your products upwards into your face–not just rub them in.


I’ve gathered my favorite anti-aging products below, that are a part of my skincare regimen. I do not use all of these products daily, and this list does not include all of my skincare regimen.

My skincare budget really depends. I have cult-favorite products that are under $10, and some items that may be $160 or even more. I don’t believe in purchasing only high-end products, however the items that I do use that are considered more pricey than others, are specialty items that have have a proven track record in my regimen. I believe in naturally aging. You will not find any kind of fillers or fake anything in my skincare regimen, or life in general.

In conclusion, aging is beautiful, and is also a blessing. Embrace your age! I love who I am at 33, more than I was at 23, and I can’t wait to see how my aging journey will evolve. I truly believe that with the right regimen, and putting in the right work–you too, can evolve elegantly throughout the decades.


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