How to Have a Spa Day at Home

How to Have a Spa Day at Home

Self-care is an important aspect to life. You would be surprised all that you can do just at home with our steps here at FIOR. Our guide to soothe and relax, will help you navigate having the ultimate spa experience from home.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

You do not have to have a fancy bathroom, or own expensive products to have a perfect spa day at home. It all starts within, and with clearing your mind.

Take a step that is new

  • Have An Unplug Day.
  • Soak In a Detox Bath.
  • Update Your Music Playlist.



Having a self-care day can truly be luxurious, but here at Fior-we keep it simple. If you do not have that kind of time, try to take just 15-30 minutes to apply to your self-care day. Just taking the time to center your mind can make a huge difference in your life. During your unplug day, simply do that. Try to stay away from being in your electronic devices. Sometimes going on airplane mode for an hour during your unplug day can be a great bonus to center your mind. You simply want to take away any distractions that may dismantle your focus during this time. Focus on what kind of self-care day you’d like to have. It could be to simply relax and read. You may want a nature self-care day, or maybe the traditional bath, meditation day. Whatever you choose, make sure that there is purpose.


The best way to start your self-care day is with a detox bath. Depending on what kind you’d like to make, create a bath full of espom salt and soak. Make sure you have plenty of water on hand since the detox baths make you sweat out impurities. FIOR’s favorite is a ginger bath. Grab the recipe here.

Use this time to elevate your skincare routine. Start with dry brushing your skin to boost your lymphatic system. Doing so allows you get rid of impurities within. Put on a face mask, as well as aromatherapy drops in your bath for the ultimate spa experience. During your sokaing time, take advantage of elevating your skin even more by rolling your gua sha or jade roller on top of your face mask. By doing so, you are firming your face, ridding puffiness, as well as lymphatic drainage.


You’d be surprised what a little music can do! Curate your own self-care playlist with relaxing sounds. We love nature sounds, acoustics, as well as lo-fi chill beats. Just having the right playlist alone can change your mindset. Download FIOR’S Spotify Playlist here. Find the right genre of music that will allow you to stay centered. Close your eyes and sink into the rhythym of the beat.




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