Home Organization Hacks

Home Organization Hacks

Look no further, we’ve got you covered.

Spring is almost here, which means it’s time to get extremely organized. FIOR is here to give you all of your tips and home organization product favorites, to get you started. Let’s start with simple, home organization hacks.

Organize ALL Drawers

FIOR is a firm believer of having a home for everything, including inside your drawer space. We love the vertical drawer organizers, which makes your items visible and compartmentalized.

No space for an office? What about adding a space saving desk?

Space saving desks are compact, but packed with a punch. Whether wall mounted, or stand-alone, these desks are bound keep you on track.

Create A Command Station

It’s very imporant to have a command station. Whether you use the back of a cabinet door, or an open wall space–it’s great to have an area where you can keep all of your important reminders, and schedules.

Linen Closet Refresh

It’s time to get serious about your linen closet. Make this space a refreshing area to store more than just towels.

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