Finally Letting Go: How To Stop Grieving

Finally Letting Go:  How To Stop Grieving

I honestly just don’t have time to grieve anymore, it’s not worth my time.

What a year it’s been! From the loss of my father, to advances in my career, to just changes in general– this year has been all over the place! Change can be hard for me. I can honestly say that this is the first time in my life that I did not feel like myself, but then again–I’m questioning if that really was me to begin with. This ‘new’ me is packed with an unlocked esteem; that even I, am shocked at the way my mind thinks, and the things that come out of my mouth these days. On the other hand, it was a year where I simply felt stuck. Stuck with realizations and deep thoughts that have taken 34 years to finally connect those missing puzzle pieces. Finally putting together those traumatic puzzle pieces, and seeing the full details– Something I’ve never experienced before, nor want anything to do with.

What I learned this year is that you must take time for yourself, and that’s going to come with a lot of personal growth. Expect to cry, scream, lose it, but do it in privacy because no too many people actually care. I’m not saying that for a pitty party, it just that people (rarely), and really don’t give a shit about your problems. When everything happened earlier this year, instead of taking that time to just focus on myself, I put that time strictly into my career. Emotionally, that backfired. I did not expect to walk away from so much this year, cut the amount of people that had no business being in my life to begin with–and that has been a lot to cope with as well. Taking the appropiate steps that I have needed for myself, has been key these past few months and I’m glad to be feeling like “myself” again–the upgraded version.

I have been trying my best to create the best method for me to stop grieving. That comes with realizing its literally just me left, and that I’m all I have. Grieiving is pointless in my life right now. I don’t know if it’s because I’m finding more about myself after my father’s death, about my past, about who my family really was. With that being said, I no longer want to grieve, or have anything to do with much. Cut throat or not, you have to have a moment when you say to yourself, “enough is enough”. I have officially reached that moment. I’m looking forward to 2023, putting all of my efforts back into FIOR, getting over my past, and moving on with the next chapter of my life. I’m proud of myself for doing the necessary work on myself, but enough is enough.

Ways to Finally Let Go of Grief:

Upgrade Yourself- Fuel the fire of your pain into upgrading yourself. Workout, stay focused, emphasize on self-care.

Disconnect – Airplane mode has been my best friend this year. Disconnecting is key!

Find Humor – Think of the funny and wise things your love one did, or said. Those are the memories that will keep you happy.

Expect more from me in 2023. When it comes to FIOR–honestly, this wasn’t acceptable this year.


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  1. nifemi gold

    17 Dec 2022

    I was about to log out of the app when I saw this post
    I feel like you are speaking to me directly,even if my grieving is still fresh😿
    Thank you for this

    • Jessica Truesdale

      17 Dec 2022

      Thank you for reading, I’m glad this resonated. Keep your head up 🙏🏼

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